Concert Tour 2016, Transfer to Iceland

Text: Thierry Burckhardt, Fotos: Aurel Salzer

It was time to journey on after the great time on the Faroe Islands. M/S Norröna, our ferry to Iceland, was moored in the harbour of Tórshavn. Parting from the Faroe Island was not hard since we travelled together with our hosting choir Tórshavnar Manskór.


The departure from the harbour and past the Faroese Islands was impressive. Once again, we could enjoy the beautiful scenery in windy conditions. We had no appointments or rehearsals during our trip on the ferry, which was very welcome after our busy days. There were lots to do: The bars and the outdoor hot tubs were used intensively. In the evening some of us even visited the on-board cinema – unfortunately the time of the show overlapped with closing time of all the restaurants aboard the ferry and about half of the Männerstimmen Basel missed dinner.


Luckily, we did some shopping in the on-board supermarkets earlier this afternoon, so we could enjoy our nights on sea nonetheless (at least those of us who resisted the seasickness).


On the next morning, the arrival in Seyðisfjörður, Iceland, was very picturesque. After the barren Faroese scenery, we even spotted some trees. From Seyðisfjörður wo took the coach across the country. We had a very interesting stop near Námafjall, which is an active volcano.


We tested the Icelandic bathing culture in an outdoor bath called „Jarðböð“ near lake Mývatn, where we earned our admission by singing a few songs inside the pool. The relaxing effect of those baths was proven by the exceptionally sleepy busride to Akureyri.


Akureyri is located in the north of Iceland and is the second biggest population centre of Iceland, where we spent two nights. Apart of rehearsing, we also spent time with bathing in icy water or whale watching. Nightlife in Akureyri wasn’t too wild apart from inside our hostel, which meant that all the other tourists could enjoy our company and, of course, singing.


In Akureyri we also gave our first concert in Iceland. It was very well attended and a very good start to our musical trip through Iceland.


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