Retrospect concert tour 2017 - Žilina

Text: Nicolas Mattmüller, Fotos: Aurel Salzer

After our concert with Prague’s women’s ensemble Bubureza, we had a few drinks with them and enjoyed our last night in the capital of the Czech Republic. Unfortunately, we had to get up quite early the next day which saw us travelling from Prague to Zilina (Slovakia). Except for the malfunction of the train’s air conditioning, we had a pleasant ride and spent the time trying to get some sleep, reading or with our electronic devices. Probably the only hard-working person around was our conductor who did some follow-up work for the concerts in Wroclaw and Prague, which we had recorded. Having arrived in Zilina, a city of 80’000 inhabitants, we walked through the neatly cleaned pedestrian zone of the city with its shops and restaurants. On the way to our hotel we passed Holy Trinity Church where we would perform later in the day. Our rehearsal in Zilina’s most important church was accompanied by the presence of quite a bunch of more or less attentive people. Chattering tourists mixed with locals confessing their sins. The opening act of the concert was Zilina’s mixed choir which also invited us to a lovely post-concert event in the nearby bar. They offered us pastries and sweets before we went our own way to discover the night life of the only Slovakian stop of our tour. After some drinks, we returned to our Hotel BOSS which not only shared the name but also the type character with the famous outfitter. 

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