Retrospect concert tour 2017 - Cracow

Text: Lionel Leus, Fotos: Aurel Salzer

What an honour! The next morning on our departure from Zilina, there stands not just any old Bus but the official Bus of MSK Zilina, the internationally famous football team. Little flags show that this bus has been on many a tour to champion's league- matches all over Europe. We get in and soon we are on the road to Cracow. It leads through wavy hills all the way to the Slovakian-Polish border. A longish stop at the border is explained by Polish road authorities, as evident in the cursing of our driver. We pass into Poland eventually and stop soon after for lunch. The lady at the restaurant informs us that we are too many to order lunch for everybody, so a less-than-perfect hotdog from the gas station has to suffice for the time being.


About four hours later, we arrive in Cracow in beautiful weather and see the Wisła and the old City walls in the sun. Later the same day, after checking in into our Hotel, we meet our Festival guide Justyna. Justyna, who we collectively fell in love with over the course of the following days, showed us around the two churches that our concert and competition singing would be in on friday. On this first walk through inner Cracow it struck us once more how deeply religious Poland must be. Every one of the churches and cathedrals that we visited was richly decorated and impressively built.

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