Retrospect concert tour 2017 - Prague

Text: Gabriel Müller, Fotos: Aurel Salzer

On whit monday, our train took off from Wroclaw main station in the early morning (at 9). It was a slow train that slowed down to around 20 km/h and announced itself with loud whistling every time we neared a crossing. The weather was warm, the air conditioning (like on most of the train rides on the tour) either did not exist or was deficient, and most of the stations that we stopped at were hardly more than a little house next to the tracks with fields all around. Unsurprisingly, it took us all morning to get to the small town of Lichkov just behind the Czech border, even though the distance from there to Wroclaw is only about 120 km. Shorty after we first set foot on Czech soil, we all had the first plates of goulash in front of us. We were the only tourists in the place.

The second half of the day's journey went a little faster than the first. In České dráhy's trains, we arrived in Prague in the later afternoon and could check into the hotel. After the long train ride, the evening was a welcome opportunity to have a look around Prague.

Tuesday was mainly spent with preparation for the concert that we sang together with the female ensemble Bubureza in the Hlahol-Hall. In between rehearsals and other preparations, there was also some time left for individual tours around the city. After the concert (which was just wunderbar, many thanks to Bubureza!), the evening and with it our stay in Prague was concluded in a restaurant in the city center. On the way there, we and some of the singers from Bubureza were completely soaked by a heavy fall of rain, but the wet clothes dried quickly in the restaurant and Prague sent us off warmly.



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